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Hidden Figures: Seven Numbers Women Must Know for Financial Success

A complete Guide for Safe Money Management in Seven Easy Steps

Hidden Figures is a transformational book that will guide you to understand and effectively manage your personal finances.  When life changes, through a divorce, widowhood, or disabled spouse, instead of living in overwhelm and fear, with a maze of unknown strategies, this book will move you forward to understanding, a sense of purpose, and clear financial goals.

Workbook Included

Hidden Figures Workbook will teach you how to understand, use and balance seven strategic numbers in your finances.   With the workbook, you will be given access to online calculators and tools for discovering your seven critical numbers as well as detailed instructions to work out your seven Hidden Figures.

By using this companion to the book, you will learn:

  • How to honestly evaluate your current financial situation, offering access to online, proprietary tools.

  • What you want and need in order to be financially secure

  • How to set realistic goals
  • How to bring intentionality to your spending and saving habits, to create your best future.

#1 Bestseller

Hidden Figures Calculators and Resources
(free with workbook purchase)

A Companion to Hidden Figures. Access the coupon code in your Workbook to allow you to purchase for free.


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