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Are you in Money Management Overwhelm?

Rate each question for how true it is for you.

I worry every month that I am spending too much money.
I have no idea how much money is actually SAFE AND PRUDENT for me to spend each month.
I am considering taking or have taken out a loan rather than spending money from my own account.
I don't know the total amounts of my debts, including car, mortgage, credit cards, student loan, etc.
I dread meeting with financial advisors, bankers or tax advisors because I don't understand what they say.
I am unclear about how much money I should keep in cash.
I would be at a loss if someone needed to know my Net Worth. I wouldn't have a clue.
My cash flow is a mystery to me.

Pat yourself on the back! There is always room for improvement. But you are doing well!
There are a couple of areas you should work on. But generally, you are managing your money well.
You have a few things working for you, but much improvement it needed. You should open up and seek help without delay.
The alarms are sounding. You are definitely overwhelmed and should seek guidance and education immediately. Your financial safety is at stake.

Not altogether satisfied with how you scored?

Let’s talk about it! Let’s find out what the most appropriate course of action is for your specific situation.

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