The Success Matrix – What is it?

Sep 9, 2021

Hidden Figures: Seven Numbers Women Must Know for Financial Success was written so that my clients could be clear about seven specific numbers.  Here is what we do with those numbers:

 29 Problems that are Solved by Knowing Seven Numbers

  1. You are not sure of your total assets because your money is in so many different places.
  2. You have taxes coming up and you don’t know how to pay them.
  3. It seems impossible to you for you to retire at a normal age.
  4. You question if you should be invested in the stock market.
  5. Money sits in your checking account because you are not sure where to put your money.
  6. You can’t get credit.
  7. You think your kids need things you can’t afford.
  8. Your kids or your spouse think you are made out of money.
  9. You wonder if tax deferral is best for you or if you should just pay taxes up front as you go.
  10. You are making good money, but your net take home pay seems low.
  11. Your credit cards are maxed out…again.
  12. You wonder if your insurance costs are too high.
  13. You don’t know when you’ve “made it”.
  14. You have a dream and money in the bank. Should you spend that money on the dream?
  15. Which is best, to spend your savings, or incur a debt and pay a small monthly bill?
  16. You wonder how much you can afford to help your grown kids or your aging parents.
  17. You wonder if you should use the equity in your house for the remodel you now need.
  18. You would like to invest in a business. Should you use your own resources to cover the costs?
  19. You wonder if you can make your payments this month.
  20. You question whether making more money is worth it since you will pay more in taxes.
  21. You run short of money every month, and you’ve “cut back” as much as you possibly can.
  22. You would like to take a trip or sabbatical but are not sure how you could afford it.
  23. You need a new car but are not sure if leasing, buying or getting a loan is the best.
  24. You wonder if a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA is right for you.
  25. You think you are paying too much in taxes but don’t know how you would go about it.
  26. You are single and you have no feedback on how well you are handling your money.
  27. You find yourself AGAIN, facing too much debt. You question why you can’t stay out of debt.
  28. You wonder if you are choosing the right options in your employee benefits.
  29. You always feel anxious when you think about money…so you try not to think about it. 

Anything sound familiar? How many problems do you identify with? 1 or 2? Maybe 7-8? More? 

Knowing your 7 Hidden Figures will lead you to your solutions. That’s why I developed the Success Matrix—a calculator that puts your financial picture in order.  It is a macro and micro view, all in one. The seven figures that will emerge from the Success Matrix are: Income, Spending, Taxes, Debt, Cash Flow, Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.  Every one of these numbers correspond to problems listed above.  Yes, you still must analyze, consider, and maybe puzzle a bit.  The answers are there. But you must see the numbers first. And you must see the numbers in relation to each other. 


The SM will guide you in identifying your basic expenses and your lifestyle expenses.

      • Balancing these figures will help you see what is important in your life.
      • You can change your spending to match your values and goals.
      • You can see if you are “living the dream” before you’ve actually earned it.
      • You can see what you specifically need to cover basic expenses.
      • You can learn exactly what is Essential Spending and what is Lifestyle Spending. 
      • If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall!

The SM will help you identify what tax bracket you are in

      • If you are awfully close to a higher bracket, you may want to be very careful about taking capital gains
      • If you are very close to a lower tax bracket, you may want to find ways to more deductions and have all your income taxed at the lower tax bracket. 

The SM will let you play with your new financial picture if you pay off your debt.

      • By modeling your debt payments at zero, using your assets to pay the principal, you can see your new Cash Flow and AND your new Net Worth.
      • Following a plan to increase your net worth year by year is a plan toward Financial Independence.

 If you are dealing with even one of these problems, the Success Matrix could benefit you greatly.  Get Success Matrix here

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